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The Friends have been supporting the library since 1998, when it looked likely that it might have to close due to Oxfordshire County Council budgetary constraints. Successful lobbying of the Council by founding committee members meant the library was able to stay open and it is now run by a single Council-paid member of staff and a large number of volunteers. 


The Friends provide financial support for the library which allows the library manager to buy more books. It also provides her with a part-time paid assistant who keeps the library open while she works to encourage more people to come to the library by organising events for children and adults in partnership with FOGL. She also visits schools and local organisations, ranging from the Cubs to the Macular Degeneration Society, to spread the word about what the Library has to offer them.


Check out our Upcoming Events to find out what's coming up at the library over the coming months and please visit the Join Us page to find out how you can get involved with the Friends to ensure the Library continues to thrive and maintains its vital role in the life of our community. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Warmingham’s Estate Agents, the Gatehampton Trust, the Edith Lucy Woodward Charitable Trust and the Goring Gap News for their financial support and encouragement of the Friends. 


I hope to meet you at future Library events or perhaps in the Library itself, as I also volunteer as well as chairing the committee.


Jacqui Gray

FOGL became an HMRC registered charity in April 2019

We are delighted to announce that Goring Library will reopen on Tuesday 13 April!

The same arrangements will still be in place and so prepare to be greeted by COVID-safe Kate and her host of willing volunteers when you venture back to visit us. 

We will still be operating under reduced hours, as follows:

Monday - CLOSED

Tue......9.30-12.30 & 2.00-4.00


Thurs..... 2.00-4.00

Fri .........9.30-12.30


If you have any questions about the reopening, then contact Kate on or call her on 01491 873028 once the library is open again.

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Library Service Updates

Update: 1-2-21

Home library service delivers over 8,000 books during the pandemic. More volunteers needed. Click here for more information.

Make something beautiful at an Origami Session on Sat 3rd April 11-12 and follow the link for other sessions coming up too.

FREE and suitable for all ages.

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