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Age UK Oxfordshire has launched a new scams prevention and support programme for older people in Oxfordshire area.

We are able to offer group talks to raise awareness of scams and also 1 to 1 sessions for those who have been affected by scams.

The programme, funded by Lloyds Banking Group, will help to prevent older people from falling for scams by increasing their knowledge and confidence to recognise and deal with attempted scams. It will also provide support to older fraud victims recovering after an incident.  

Older people can be particularly vulnerable to fraud and scams, which can have a serious emotional and financial impact, and can damage quality of life and wellbeing for many. 

Sophisticated scams have been on the rise during the pandemic with criminals devising even more ways to target those they believe to be vulnerable. This means it’s even more vital to support those that may be at greater risk.   

Contact Us:

To find out more about Age UK Scams Prevention and Support Programme, please call: 0345 450 1276 or look at the web pages below





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As part of the Goring Gap Festival, Lisa Hewlett created some amazing interactive story time sessions including 'the Tiger who came to Tea', with dozens of tigers and plenty to feed them, and, as these pictures show, 'What the Ladybird Heard' with maps, characters to paint and ladybirds.

Call for Volunteers

Residents across Oxfordshire have continued to benefit from the county’s home library service during the pandemic with 8,364 library books being delivered from April to December 2020.


Oxfordshire County Council’s home library service is offered free to users in partnership with Age UK to almost 800 residents of all ages. These residents are unable to visit libraries themselves through frailty, infirmity or a disability and have no other means of getting access to loaned products. It is also available to full-time carers and those who might need the service in the short-term following illness or hospitalisation.


The service depends on a team of around 180 volunteers who supply the users with loan items on visits every three weeks. The service matches its volunteers carefully to specific residents to allow the same volunteer to visit each time. During the pandemic the number of volunteers has dropped linked to the impacts of COVID-19.


Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, Cabinet Member for Education and Cultural Services, said: "As well as council staff, I would like to thank the dedication of our team of staff and volunteers who keep this service running and offer a very valuable resource to our residents who may otherwise be isolated. The home library service is about far more than books; it offers real and meaningful connections with residents whose needs may otherwise go unnoticed. Wherever you may live in Oxfordshire, the service would welcome new volunteers to help keep up the good work."

Residents can volunteer to join the home library service by emailing homelibraryservice@oxfordshire.gov.uk

or calling 01865 810259.

URL : http://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/home-library-service/

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Oxfordshire County Council libraries are now providing home access to Ancestry Library Edition. This is courtesy of Proquest and their partner Ancestry.  For licensing reasons, this is slightly different from other online services in that you will need to sign into your Library Account and click on the Ancestry link in order to gain access.