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Goring Library 12 days of Christmas Adventure

Enjoy a walk through Goring and see if you can find each of the 12 days of Christmas  windows...

picture 1.jpg
4 tree.jpg
2 tree.jpg
1 tree.jpg
3 tree.jpg
16 tree.jpg
22 tree.jpg
6 tree.jpg
8 tree.jpg
20 tree.jpg
7 tree.jpg
15 tree.jpg
19 tree.jpg

Find a new picture every day that represents the 12 days of Christmas.  Here's the map below and enjoy exploring our village!

Thank You    Window Makers!

First and foremost: Kate Cheng at the library for organising this; and the following people for creating the windows for you to find:
he Library - 1

Village Cafe - 2

Q1 Hub -3

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